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One simple secret to giving a good presentation

One simple secret to giving a good presentation


Last week, I was invited to a digital marketing conference in Liverpool, where I attended workshops with Google, Microsoft, ASDA, Oxfam etc. The conference was about social media and online marketing, and although it was a manic day it was also very inspiring. Many of the presenters talked about how to communicate well and a key phrase that they kept returning to was ‘story telling’.

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The London School of English - Why are you thinking about learning better English?

Why are you thinking about learning better English?


If you’re reading this, chances are you’re considering the idea of improving your standard of English. You probably know this will take effort and determination. Even so, you are willing to do it. That’s because you know it will be worthwhile. You’re right, as this blog will explain.

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Winner of the Business English UK award for Excellence in Business English - Ed Pegg

London School Of English Grabs Top Teaching Award


There are a number of ways in which the performance of an organisation such as The London School of English can be measured. Robert tells you how the performance of a school can be measured.

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We don’t need another hero


Did you know that it’s the end of the road for the Alpha male corporate animal like legendary General Electric CEO Jack Welch?

There’s no place for a Caesar type figure in modern organisations. The manager who runs his department like a king and takes all decisions himself is now dead. Long live Post Heroic Leadership.

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Business People: Marcin Jakubowski


Here is Heather's series of blog post part 2 - Business People: Marcin Jakubowski

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Female Symbol

Business People: Karren Brady


One of our trainers, Heather is going to be writing a series about people in business that she most admire and potentially some that she doesn't!

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The Apprentice


I frequently teach business English courses at our Holland Park School and I often show business DVDs in the class room. The two most popular ones are definitely The Apprentice and Dragons’ Den, both currently showing on the BBC. Today I’d like to tell you about The Apprentice as I believe that there are some lessons to be learnt from watching it.

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Time Management


Hello again, as promised in my last blog about work life balance. I’m going to give you ten tips on time management. Many years ago when I worked for IBM I was sent on a time management course and I was guilty of committing every ‘crime’ that the trainer mentioned! I wish I could say that since that day my time management has been brilliant but that would be a blatant lie…but at least I now realise when I’m getting it wrong!! So here they are, I hope that you find some of them useful.

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Work life balance


Last week I was teaching one of our group classes, CEE (Communicating Effectively in English). There were eight participants in my class who were all very chatty and enjoyed in depth discussions so I introduced a lesson in which we wrote a list with ten things that they believe contribute to the quality of life and then they compared their answers with a partner and gave reasons for their choices. The answers were really quite varied and even a little surprising at times!

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Diplomatic Language


I was teaching the International Business Communication course last week and we did a negotiation simulation, which involved the course participants looking at a case study and then performing a negotiation in the classroom. Before the simulation, we talked about what a negotiation is and how it affects our daily lives, both in and outside work. We didn’t draw any solid conclusions but we did look at some negotiating expressions and talked about being diplomatic in business negotiations and I thought I’d mention some of the features of diplomatic English.

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