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Learn English Online

We realise that it isn't always possible to join us at one of our centres, so we're bringing The London School of English to you.

We provide online and blended training solutions designed to develop your English skills for real-life situations. Learn English online with our flexible and engaging training programmes to help you to become proficient in the key language areas you need to achieve your goals.
Our online English language courses are designed for people who want to experience training from our experienced trainers without the need to travel to our centre.  You can learn flexibly, at a time to suit you and at your own pace.  We have a wide range of courses available.  Contact Us for more information.  

We offer:

Individual one-to-one lessons 

Learn with an experienced trainer - add blocks of 5, 10 or 15 hours to each course for further personalised training.  Find out more

Self-study English Courses

Learn at your own pace at a time that suits you.  Find out more

Courses For Corporate Clients

We provide high quality English language courses for organisations. Our platform is designed so that administrators as well as end users can navigate and use the system quickly and easily. Our progress reporting tools make it easy to track what users have learned. It's easy to set up and ready within minutes. Find out more

    Choose from some fantastic courses: 

    • General English (speaking, writing, listening, reading)
    • Business English (all the useful skills you need for success at work, eg, presentations, meetings, networking)
    • Professional English (English for Banking, Medical English, Technical English, and more)
    • Legal English (including TOLES exam preparation)
    • Exam preparation (IELTS, Cambridge exams, preparation for other exams on request)
    • University preparation (writing essays, expressing opinions, and more)