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A Strong Command of Legal English Will Enhance Effectiveness and Career Prospects!

Communication plays a crucial role in the legal profession, and English is widely recognised as the international language of law. A good command of English:

  1. Enhances credibility, persuasiveness, and overall effectiveness.  Lawyers who possess strong English skills can express their thoughts, arguments, and legal opinions clearly and accurately. Whether it involves writing persuasive legal documents, negotiating complex agreements, or presenting arguments in court, being able to communicate fluently in English gives you the edge
  2. Enables lawyers to navigate legal documents and interpret laws, regulations, and court decisions from different countries. This helps to expand legal knowledge and enabling them to provide comprehensive legal advice to clients. 
  3. Opens up numerous professional opportunities for lawyers.  In today's globalised legal environment, many law firms, companies, and organisations operate internationally and work with clients from around the world. Proficiency in English is often a requirement for roles involving international transactions, arbitration, or collaborating with multinational legal teams. Lawyers who can communicate and collaborate effectively with colleagues and clients from diverse linguistic backgrounds have a clear advantage in securing prestigious positions and handling complex legal matters. 
  4. Facilitates networking and building professional connections on a global scale. A solid command of English enables lawyers to establish relationships with legal professionals from different countries, participate in international conferences and seminars, and stay updated on international legal developments. This exposure to diverse legal perspectives and networks can greatly contribute to a lawyer's professional growth.
  5. Open doors to exciting career opportunities.  English is not only the international language of law but it's the international language of business too, don't underestimate the different pathways which can open up!

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A course in Legal English at The London School of English will deliver an immediate impact. 

The London School of English is recognised as one of the oldest accredited English language schools in the world.  We offer a range of Legal English courses courses tailored to your specific needs, English proficiency level, and stage of your legal career .  These courses are specifically designed for lawyers, legal professionals, law graduates and law students. They cover preparation for the TOLES (Test of Legal English Skills) exam, which has replaced the discontinued ILEC (International Legal English Certificate) exam.  You can choose to study either online or at the beautiful premises of The London School of English in London.

You will learn to:

  • Interact confidently in meetings
  • Enhance negotiation skills 
  • Utilise specialised legal terminology
  • Improve your networking abilities
  • Write effective legal texts
  • Communicate complex legal concepts

English language trainers at The London School of English are highly qualified and possess specialised expertise in English for Law. Moreover, we incorporate valuable insights from the legal field. Professional lawyers lead sessions, offering authentic and practical knowledge. Additionally, participants often have the opportunity to visit a law firm and the courts, further enhancing their learning experience.

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