The LondonSchool Trust

The LondonSchool Trust is an officially recognised Charitable Trust established in the name of the school.  It supports multinational and cross-cultural understanding through educational and artistic activities.

These are some of the activities which might be supported by the Trust:

  • educational scholarships at the school
  • individuals on programmes of education and training elsewhere
  • facilitating work experience (for example supporting an intern who would not otherwise be able to support him/herself)
  • the supply of trainers to projects abroad
  • the supply of materials or equipment to projects or organisations, inside or outside the UK
  • other educational activities inside or outside the UK.
  • cultural and artistic activities in the UK and abroad
  • competitions, events, workshops and productions

We warmly welcome partnerships with other organisations active in these areas and will be happy to collaborate with them in order to achieve the Trust’s objectives.

Objectives of The LondonSchool Trust, Registered Charity Number 1156467

1.  To advance the education of the public by the teaching of the English language to international students.

2.  For the public benefit, to promote education in such ways as the charity trustees think fit including

2.1  Awarding scholarships, maintenance allowances or grants tenable at any university, college or other institution of education or training (including The London School of English), work experience, internships or any other way of learning or developing experience.

2.2  Providing education or training (including the study of music or other arts), supporting travel in furtherance of that education or helping to prepare for entry to any occupation, trade or profession.

3.  To advance the arts, for the public benefit, by supporting artistic and cultural activities and events both in the UK and overseas.

For more information about the Trust and its objectives, and to discuss partnerships, please contact