Which English learner are you?

Which English learner are you? Which preferences or strategies work best for you?

Why might this be important to know?

There are a number of different learning styles or preferences. Which of the following statements do you agree with the most?

  • I like asking my teacher lots of questions. I want to know about everything
  • I don’t like using a course book; I prefer using authentic material
  • I prefer using a course book
  • Grammar is my main focus; rules are the most important thing
  • I like doing lots of role plays and real-life simulations

If any of these resonate with you, then you will probably fall into one or two of the following learning preferences.

  • Visual (spatial)
  • Auditory (aural)
  • Kinaesthetic (physical)

So what do these learning preferences mean? Here are just a few examples of each of the preferences.

Visual (sometimes called spatial)

  • You recognise words when they are displayed on screen or on a whiteboard
  • You learn and study best through pictures, images, and slide shows
  • You write lists in order to organise your thoughts
  • Taking detailed notes is important to you
  • You like to observe the teacher’s body language and facial to understand the language or the message

Auditory (aural)              

  • You enjoy activities where you can listen out for clues
  • You prefer verbal explanations
  • You like to listen and take notes later
  • You enjoy doing mini presentations
  • You enjoy discussions, debates, roleplays and real-life simulations

Kinaesthetic (physical)

  • You remember words by typing them or writing them down
  • You learn by doing, which means you want to actively participate as much as possible
  • You practise through speaking
  • You enjoy roleplays, real-life simulations and practical activities.
  • You learn best when trying something out for yourself

You may find that you do not fit neatly into one of these categories and that you learn through a combination of these. This is why it is important that your trainer uses a range of teaching materials and teaching methods; to make sure that your learning is embedded with a style that works best for you. At The London School of English, our trainers use different teaching formats to ensure that all of our students learn in the most effective way.

  • Do you prefer learning online at your own pace, or face-to-face?
  • Do you prefer a combination of face-to-face and online lessons?
  • What time of day works best for you? Knowing when you are most energetic means you can choose the best session time for you!

Our Virtual Groups courses are available with a choice of time zones, and our immersion General English and Business and Professional English courses are delivered full-time or part-time. Just choose the best option for your learning style and your available time.

About The London School of English

The London School of English has over 100 years of history teaching English and communication skills to adult learners. It is the joint #1 English language school in the UK according to the British Council inspections, the highest rated English language school in the world on Trustpilot, and the best value for money school according The English Language Gazette. 

Our practical, individualised approach enables our clients to learn effectively and make rapid progress. Courses include General English, Individual English training, Legal English, Business and Professional English, IELTS preparation and Academic English. We also offer bespoke business solutions for staff training and assessment. 

You can learn English with our expert trainers in our London centre at 15 Holland Park Gardens, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, or you can choose to study English online in groups or in individual classes. Contact us online or via phone +44 (0) 207 605 4142.

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