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General English 20+

Our General English 20+ course is a practical course for motivated adults who want to develop their confidence in communicating in English in a variety of situations. In small groups, you will develop your fluency and accuracy with realistic role-plays and real-life situations.

  • Full-time (24 hours per week) or part-time (12 hours per week) options available to fit around your work, childcare or lifestyle commitments.  

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Who is it for?

Our participants typically come from a wide range of backgrounds and an average of over 75 nationalities per year. 

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My classes with The London School of English were very helpful. My teacher always adapted herself to my specific needs, she understood very well what interested me. The conversations were very natural. The booking too was easy. I highly recommend The London School of English.



At the end of this English course you can expect to:

  • Speak more confidently

  • Communicate more accurately

  • Improve your understanding of the news and media

  • Use English more effectively for work or travel

  • Deal with everyday situations like meeting people or booking a hotel

  • Have developed your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills

Course content

Morning and afternoon sessions will focus on helping you develop your general English language skills through a variety of useful and engaging materials and activities. Every week will include:

  • Grammar and vocabulary points selected by your trainer based on your needs and goals. You will practise these throughout the week
  • A focus on speaking, with the majority of your classes designed to maximise your speaking time
  • Extended fluency activities including discussions, role-plays and presentations. These will give you the opportunity to develop your speaking further and bring together the grammar, vocabulary and skills you have worked on during the week
  • Listening and reading activities from a range of sources
  • A focus on writing skills, for example formal and informal emails
  • Pronunciation. This may be in the form of a dedicated lesson and/or connected to the grammar, vocabulary or skills you are studying
  • Practical communication strategies, for example agreeing and disagreeing politely, interrupting, showing sympathy
  • A focus on social and intercultural English
  • Correction and productive feedback on your speaking and writing

During the course you will also receive:

  • Advice on the best ways to study, both in the classroom and outside
  • An exploration of modern British culture
  • Discussions and activities based on current news and media

For people who book more than 8 weeks, we have a dedicated support system to ensure that your needs are met throughout your time with us and that you continue to see progress in your skills. This extra support includes:

  • Extra tutorials to discuss your goals and progress (optional)
  • Personalised feedback
  • We will communicate regularly with you so that any issues can be dealt with as quickly as possible and your experience is the best and most rewarding it can be.

Included in fees

Fees include training plus:

  • All course materials and resources

  • Three months access to London School Online platform

  • Detailed end of course progress report

  • Certificate of course completion

  • location London, Holland Park Gardens
  • students Maximum group size: 10
  • age Minimum age: 20
  • duration Duration: minimum 1 week
  • time Full-time: 24 hours per week.
    09.30 - 16.00 (Monday to Friday)

    Part-time: 12 hours per week.
    Choose morning or afternoon sessions.
    Morning: 09.30 - 12.15 (Monday to Friday)
    Afternoon: 13.15 - 16.00 (Monday to Friday)
  • dates Start dates: every Monday
  • timetable Sample week
  • price 2024
    Full time
    1-4 weeks: £660 per week
    5-12 weeks: £595 per week
    13+ weeks: £565 per week

    Part time - mornings only
    1-4 weeks: £430 per week
    5-12 weeks: £395 per week
    13+ weeks: £360 per week

    Part time - afternoons only
    1-4 weeks: £330 per week
    5-12 weeks: £300 per week
    13+ weeks: £275 per week

English Level

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9

Level 1 (Beginner)

I do not speak any English.

Level 2 (Elementary)

I can say and understand a few things in English.

Level 3 (Pre-Intermediate)

I can communicate simply and understand in familiar situations but only with some difficulty.

Level 4 (Low Intermediate)

I can make simple sentences and can understand the main points of a conversation but need much more vocabulary.

Level 5 (Intermediate)

I can speak and understand reasonably well and can use basic tenses but have problems with more complex grammar and vocabulary.

Level 6 (Upper Intermediate)

I speak and understand well but still make mistakes and fail to make myself understood occasionally.

Level 7 (Pre-Advanced)

I speak and understand well but still make mistakes and fail to make myself understood occasionally.

Level 8 (Advanced)

I speak and understand very well but sometimes have problems with unfamiliar situations and vocabulary.

Level 9 (Very Advanced)

I speak and understand English completely fluently.