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This Legal English course for lawyers ages 20-30 years old includes legal case studies, communication strategies, meeting skills, negotiations and networking English. We also cover the general language skills that will help you to communicate effectively in a wide range of formal and informal situations. The vocabulary covers civil law (including contract law), EC law and criminal law. The online element means learning continues for five months after the course in London has finished. The trainers are specialists with expertise in this field and there is important input from the real legal world including sessions led by practising lawyers and visits to ‘legal London’.

On completion of your Legal English course 20-30, you may wish to continue with a formal Legal English qualification, either by taking our TOLES exam preparation course (an additional 1 or 2 weeks) or ILEC exam preparation course (which last a further 3 weeks). Find out which of these exam courses suits you best by visiting our TOLES or ILEC comparison page.

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All of the key information you need to know about this course

  • Course level:

Levels 5 - 8 on the school's level scale


  • Fees:


£1680 (3 weeks)

  • Dates:


(3 weeks)
3rd - 20th January
6th - 24th February
13th -31st March
24th April - 12th May
5th -23rd June
3rd July - 21st July
31st July - 18th August
4th - 22nd September
16th October - 3rd November
20th November - 8th December

  • Course length:

3 weeks
(optional 4th week for TOLES preparation)

  • Participants age:

Age: 20 - 30
Average age: 25

  • Group size:

Maximum 10

  • Hours per week:

24 hours per week
09.30 - 16.00 Monday - Friday

Who's it for?

Find out if this course is suitable for your needs

This three-week Legal English course is for newly qualified lawyers and law students to give them the legal language they will need for their careers.

Course content

The areas that you can expect to cover during a typical course

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The Legal English course 20-30 concentrates on developing participants’ English skills in a legal context, and the vocabulary of aspects of criminal law, civil law, including contract law, and EC law is covered on the course. Although there are opportunities to learn something about English and EC law and the English legal system, this is a language course, not a course in law.

The following areas provide the framework for the course:

  • Visiting legal experts: there are usually two per course, chosen to provide up-to-date professional input into the course. At least one will be actively involved in practising law.
  • Visits to legal London: a visit to the Old Bailey; a visit to the Civil Courts if they are sitting.
  • Speaking activities including case studies in legal problems and various aspects of the legal process; negotiations.
  • Legal Vocabulary: particularly legal terms relating to commercial law, contracts and describing legal concepts.
  • Grammar: revision of some of the most important grammatical aspects of the language, practised within a legal context.
  • Listening comprehension: with live speakers; by using audio and video interviews with lawyers or legal experts.
  • Negotiating skills: important for lawyers as they become increasingly involved in the commercial process.
  • Communication skills: key language skills used in discussions, negotiations, conflict and dealing with difficult situations.
  • Networking English: basic situations such as business hospitality, travelling, inviting, advising, apologizing etc; more advanced situations demanding tact and careful presentation.
  • Using the telephone effectively
  • Word Stream Legal English online course: all participants on this course will receive access to our online Legal English course during their course. The course will be used for some practice and testing during the three weeks of the Legal English 20-30 course, and for continued learning and revision for a further 3 months after your course.
  • At the end of each three-week course, there is an optional fourth week preparation course for TOLES (Test of Legal English Skills). The TOLES examination itself takes place at the school at the end of that week.
  • At the end of some three-week courses, there is an optional preparation course for ILEC (International Legal English Certificate).  The course is an additional three weeks.

The benefits

What you can expect to achieve from your course

The Legal English course 20-30 benefits include:

  • speaking English more confidently in legal context
  • expanded legal English vocabulary and legal terminology
  • effective legal writing skills
  • improved legal English for meetings and presentations
  • better understanding of grammar
  • practice socialising with partners and colleagues in English
  • feeling at ease speaking English on the phone

The course will enable you to communicate more confidently in legal situations and use specialised legal vocabulary more effectively.

Included in the fees

What is included in the fees

Fees include training plus:

  • Three external speakers
  • Visits to criminal court, civil court and the Houses of Parliament (when in session)
  • Access to Word Stream online Legal English course
  • Daily 3-course lunch (Monday to Friday)
  • Access to LondonSchool Online learning portal
  • All course material and resources
  • Detailed end-of-course report
  • Networking reception every Monday

What course participants say

Watch videos and read about the experiences of our course participants on this course

Click to see video testimonials from students who took the course:
Alessandro (Brazil)
Malika (Russia)
Vicente (Chile)

Ana Luiza De Siqueira Campos, Brazilian

Legal English course

Ana is a recent law graduate and has been working in tax law for 3 years whilst studying for her degree in Brazil.

Ana wasn’t looking to improve her English as she learned how to speak it at the age of 6. She was in fact planning to go backpacking around the world and whilst researching on the internet she came across English for lawyer courses in her search and found The London School of English website, ‘I really liked the website because it was easy to understand’. Ana looked at other language schools but thought ‘the school’s website was easier to find information because of the way it was laid out’ and chose London as her destination.

Ana decided to study the Young Lawyers course to help her in her profession since she provides legal consulting and advise on legal tax in Brazil, ‘I really need legal English for my work, as I deal with many international companies and clients’. She feels she has made good progress on her 3 week course mentioning that ‘it is a really good course for lawyers who want to improve legal English and other language skills. To my mind I truly became more fluent and learned a lot of legal vocabulary. I also improved my legal writing and negotiation skills which are very helpful for work’

‘The trainers are very dedicated to teach you all the lessons and are helpful and available to answer and assist you. Regarding their teaching methods, I must say they make it easier for you to understand and memorize all the topics that by the end of each lesson you realise that you have learned a lot in an easy way.’ 

Ana thinks English language is very important in todays world and says ‘Studying English is a need; it is needed for everything not just for work.’ 

Now that Ana has completed the Legal English course 20-30, she is taking the TOLES course and is looking forward to returning to work soon after to show how she has improved in her legal English, ‘studying English is helping me be more fluent and giving me a chance to be better in my legal English at work. It’s really going to help me be more capable at work’.

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Read reviews & comments

Lais Neme Cury Augusto

Very pleasant and helpful, I REALLY liked it.


I loved the course and our trainer Karen is the best! The social environment is also great and everybody in the School is always really friendly and kind, willing to help you all the time. I just loved it. It was really beyond my expectations. The course is really good and I feel like I`ve learned a lot. My trainer, Karen, is the best English teacher I`ve ever had. She is so cool and sweet, and she is always willing to help. The social environment is also incredible!


I had high expectations about the course and the school, and LSE has still surprised me.


The school is perfect for all kind of the situation, the teacher very good and always avoidable when I have need, to understand better specific words.


The course is very dynamic what helps the students to keep focus on the lessons.

I was very surprised with the quality of the course. I have learned a lot, much more than I expected. Every kind of student is able to understand what is being said in class and when we don't understand, then the teacher is always happy to explain. The course tough me a lot and now, I think I reading to star working in any area of law that I choose. I really enjoy it.


LSE is by far the most well-organised language school I have ever attended.

It provided me the perfect environment not only to improve my English, but also to make friends and have fun. At LSE you won't be treated like any other ordinary student, but as a unique human being, with all your special needs and longings being carefully analysed and taken into account by all teachers and all other members of the incredibly well-trained staff.

Everyone there is extremely committed to their task of ensuring the students benefit the most from their courses and enjoy their time in London.

João Gabriel

An experience for life, every lawyer should do this!


I can clearly say that, it was the one of the best decision I have ever made in my life.


I can recommend this course to everyone, no matter where they're from. I'm 100% sure they're going to enjoy studying at the London School of English. The Young Lawyers programme was very tough, but I attended this course to improve my legal English skills and this course really forced me to study. It was excellent, I'm not complaining! Thanks for everything to the family of the London School of English.


Thanks to the Young Lawyers course I’ve improved my Legal English and met fascinating people. I highly recommend LSE as you will experience an incredible adventure.

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