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Our mission is to help people to communicate more effectively across borders and across cultures. 


Building on more than 100 years' experience, we will develop and expand our services to help people meet ever-changing communication and cultural challenges. 

Our Corporate/Brand Values

  1. We are proud of what we do
  2. We go the extra mile
  3. We communicate honestly and openly
  4. We innovate and improve
  5. We are a team; we get things done together

Our Philosophy

  • We treat participants as experienced adults with a great deal to contribute to their course.
  • Work is concentrated. Time is precious. All our courses are intensive.
  • The schedule is planned but flexible.
  • No single training method suits everyone. We are sensitive to different learning styles.
  • Our approach is always practical. People need to use English, not just study it.
  • Small is beautiful. We restrict the numbers in our course centres so that we can ensure a really personal service at all times.
  • English is important because it is a world language, used for international communication. We offer a multi-national, multi-cultural environment.
  • Learning is a collaboration - between the trainer and the learner, and between individual learners.
  • Learning never ends. We know that your course with us is just part of a bigger picture. We try to give you the tools to continue to develop your English after you leave us.
  • Our courses are stimulating. Language learning is sometimes quite hard work, but you will never be bored.
  • Our courses are demanding. The more you put in the more you will get out. We help you to learn - we cannot learn for you.
  • Our courses are enjoyable. They are more effective that way.

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