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I'd been studying English in LSE for almost four months. For me the time spent in this school turned into an unforgettable experience. I'd like to say an enormous THANKS to all members of LSE as well as my teachers: Daragh, Andy, Sarah, Fiona and especially Mary who is an extraordinary teacher and one of the most patient, enthusiastic and energetic people I've ever met.

My English has improved a lot compared to when I first came to LSE.

I would definitely recommend London School of English to everyone. Thinking about overall quality of this school I can hardly imagine anything better.


I would like to thank the whole team of LSE for the great English for University course you have provided. Now that I've started the Masters degree programme in English here in Germany, I’ve realised all the things I learnt with you. It was a brilliant learning experience. Thank you, again.


My name is Asli and I am from Turkey. When I came to London, I was too nervous about my IELTS exam but after my 10-week course at London School of English, I became more confident about both my exam and also my ability in English. Finally I got 6.5 in IELTS which is a great result for me.

The London School of English really helped me reach my goal. Not only did my English improve and I got the IELTS score I needed, but also Rosie Ganne, University Relations Manager at the school, helped me to find me a summer school at King’s College, London. I am going there to study two courses related to my degree subject and this will really me be more aware of academic life before I start university in Turkey.

I am really happy to attend London School of English.


! I really appreciated the IELTS course that I prepared at the London School of English. My classmates, the teachers and all the members of the staff, were amazing and I learnt a lot.

I highly recommended this school if you want to improve your English and want to achieve your aspirations and aims.

In my case I went on to study a postgraduate certificate in Finance and Management at LSBF and my level of English was high enough to follow the lectures well. I then did an Advanced Corporate Finance program at LSE and I am now applying for jobs in my field in London.


I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to improve their English skills in a short period of time. I've made some progress.

Pierre Alain

Exactly what I expected, challenging on the weak points to improve my English. Well organised school and a good mix of the international students. Cross-cultural exchange is a plus to my stay here.


The teaching, making people speak as much as possible, making people self-confident, making people feel as if they were at home, being friendly and open-minded, making people meet, encouraging cultural mix between students.

The people are friendly, it helps to improve our general English level, and overall, it made me feel more confident about my English and discussing with other people.

Lais Neme Cury Augusto

Very pleasant and helpful, I REALLY liked it.


It was worth it, even thought it was too short. Particularly the combination of one-to-one course and group course was optimal. Now I know my strengths and weaknesses and can focus on them. But also to stay with a nice family and to spend the time in London was a great experience.


I'd like to improve my business English skills for broad areas (presentation, phone meeting, report, and so on) and also expand general skills. My teacher understand my various needs and prepare appropriate content of the course.


I loved the course and our trainer Karen is the best! The social environment is also great and everybody in the School is always really friendly and kind, willing to help you all the time. I just loved it. It was really beyond my expectations. The course is really good and I feel like I`ve learned a lot. My trainer, Karen, is the best English teacher I`ve ever had. She is so cool and sweet, and she is always willing to help. The social environment is also incredible!

Carol Andrea

I think you provide high quality teaching and also the facilities are very satisfying. What I really appreciate is Rosie. She helped me really a lot with my application.


Helpful, friendly, interesting, up-to-date.


The course has a good mix of everything. It is helpful for me to speak English and hear English from a native teacher. The things you do best are the personal atmosphere and the efficient but also funny teacher.

Stimulating and effective learning. London is a great city.


I had high expectations about the course and the school, and LSE has still surprised me.


All the school staff are very friendly and the school has a very receptive environment. I loved my trainer and felt she really wanted us to improve our language skills.

My stay so far is lovely. All of the people have been very kind to me and I do not regret at all coming to London and choosing LSE.


I really enjoyed my course. I'll definitely recommend this school, if anyone of my friends decide to do a language stay in London. The teachers were great, everybody was really nice. I'd definitely come back.


The things you do best are:

1. Giving the students the right amount of attention;

2. Being welcoming;

3. Helping improve language with confidence;

4. Other than studying offering a chance to get to know London.

You give the attention that every student needs.

It has been pleasant, very interesting to interact with people from different cultures, something different. And another thing that I liked is that we didn't have to be afraid of making mistakes because no one would laugh but instead help.


The classes are very dynamic. The school has a very good method and materials. There was a nice atmosphere between the students and with the teacher. The school has excellent methods to teach English.


I like to be with Julia, she is a very good teacher and she looks after us.

She explains simply how to do things, for example looking for words in the English dictionary.

Julia is a very nice teacher, she wants that all students in class understand and learn more English vocabularies. We speak a lot about a wide variety of subjects. It's more interesting. We made a fantastic phone exercise in our English class.

I'm surprised because in the class I met friendly people and we spoke together. Each week was an interactive week. Lesley, Simon or Julia are lovely teachers. I like Julia because her lessons are interesting. We speak about several subjects and we do homework. In the morning, we have a vocabulary game and each student explains an English word with their own words. You must decide how you can explain this word using the vocabulary that you know.

To be here is a good life lesson.

Zofija Mazej

I would like to thank you for the great experience I had during my language course at The London School of English. Your school and your team is big and yet small enough to have individual approach towards of us. Being close to the park in tranquillity and green makes it a special location for learning.


I liked it! Keep up the good work! :)


My English has really improved in these 4 weeks. My beloved teacher Emma Camara did a good job with me! Thank you!


I’m really satisfied about my English Course at LSE. I attended a two weeks CEE Course in combination with Individual Tuition and I think I actually improved my English.

Before the course I texted my level of English on the website of the school and completed the on line questionnaire. In my first day at school I was welcomed like an old friend (it was my second time at the LSE, my first time was 7 years ago in Westcroft Square for an Intensive General English Course) and I discussed my level and difficulties with a teacher. He was informed about my level and notes in my questionnaire and he was really oriented on my specific needs.

It was very usefull the lesson in group every morning, we were a little group of professionals from different Countries, medium age 38, I learned a lot of words and expressions used in English for work and I created a network with people all over the world. The individual tuition was completely structured on my needs and I think every lessons had a great value.

I’ll return at LSE, if possible every year, because I think professional and human qualities are very high!




The school is perfect for all kind of the situation, the teacher very good and always avoidable when I have need, to understand better specific words.


Absolutely fantastic - the staff, the way that the teacher teaching, the social programme, the facilities....I liked everything.


I have learned a lot and I think I will have to process a great deal of the words at home to really get them to stick, so that I will be able to use them in a fluent way.


The attention that you give to your students is great. The atmosphere in school is quite friendly most of all due to the social programmes, lectures and some little acts like the birthday cake helps a lot to build this friendly place. And I also like the fact that during the morning we have classes more focused on grammar and vocab stuff, and during the afternoon, a class more focused on conversation, debates and less formal.

Ps. I used to complain about the food, but it has improved a lot! Great Alex!


Live in London during this 3 weeks was a unique and wonderful experience. It was amazing stay in a host family and do a lot of cultural activities in London.


The course is very intensive. So, it is perfect for those who are here to study seriosly. Everything is well done, since the classes until the food.


The course is very dynamic what helps the students to keep focus on the lessons.

I was very surprised with the quality of the course. I have learned a lot, much more than I expected. Every kind of student is able to understand what is being said in class and when we don't understand, then the teacher is always happy to explain. The course tough me a lot and now, I think I reading to star working in any area of law that I choose. I really enjoy it.


Experience was really intense and enjoyable. It could be better if I had studied more before coming for the course.


The classes are very stimulating and all the member of the school are friendly, so I feel like I'm at home. Was an amazing experience and I want to come back and stay longer.


Much better than I expected. Total support to the students from the school was great.


It was a nice atmosphere between the students and with the teacher. Excellent method to teach English.


In my first time here I was satisfied with all the things that the course have, including the people of my country speaking in English, that was the reason that I decided to come back and do more 05 weeks.


In my opinion every thing is perfect.


Absolutely amazing!


The preparation courses for the Cambridge exams were great and both teachers were amazing. It was an experience I will remember forever. I can’t believe that 7 months passed so fast.


The most useful aspect of the course is that it is tailored to each student’s particular needs


LSE is by far the most well-organised language school I have ever attended.

It provided me the perfect environment not only to improve my English, but also to make friends and have fun. At LSE you won't be treated like any other ordinary student, but as a unique human being, with all your special needs and longings being carefully analysed and taken into account by all teachers and all other members of the incredibly well-trained staff.

Everyone there is extremely committed to their task of ensuring the students benefit the most from their courses and enjoy their time in London.


Many thanks to Rosie Ganne for her kind support as the UNIVERSITY RELATIONS MANAGER. I am very grateful for her help when she came to our English for University classes and gave us individual support. For me indeed. I will never forget her advice on the best choice of Foundation course length at Westminster University. As my IELTS result was higher than expected I could do the two term course instead of three terms and without Rosie, I would not have known or thought about this possibility.

Her help was invaluable for me as it was all for all the students. Many thanks!


All trainers and staff are very friendly.

My trainer always adapted the lessons to my requirement.


The most useful aspect of the course is that it is tailored to each student’s particular needs


Good learning experience, progress in a short time period, perfect school and place to study

João Gabriel

An experience for life, every lawyer should do this!


I can clearly say that, it was the one of the best decision I have ever made in my life.


The school satisfied all my expectations. I am very happy with my choice of coming here. The location is an optimal location. I Highly recommend LSE for studying English language.

Trainers and teaching methods were excellent. Both of my teachers, Alan and Zeroh are outstanding teachers. They were really engaged with their jobs and they were doing their best to help us to learn English all the time. It was really a pleasure having them as my teachers.

My homestay experience was superb - My host family was absolutely warm and friendly. They made me feel at home and the also helped me with my English and to get a better knowledge of English culture.


'I found the London School of English has a very professional and friendly environment.

The course I was taking part in was addressed to lawyers that would want to improve their knowledge in English terms concerning commercial law and civil procedure. Therefore, the participants were, like myself, lawyers coming from different countries and with whom it was very interesting to discuss (obviously in English) about their legal systems and experiences. The teaching was focused on the activation of our vocabulary and ability to deal with legal matters in English.

I particularly appreciated that learning was immediately put into practice with speaking as well as writing exercises, which actually allows you to effectively learn a lot, even in a short time.

The School has got every kind of facilities, such as computer rooms with internet access, a nice lounge with free coffee that students could take at every time and an incredibly good chef who prepares very tasty lunches! Coming from Italy to England, it was a very nice surprise!

The free time spent in visiting a city like London, with its theatres, pubs, parks and shops, just doesn't need an explanation, it’s simply amazing!

I definitely would recommend this school to every colleague who would like to improve their legal English effectively in a short time and in a cultural and relaxed environment.'


I had a great time - I have learned much more than I expected.


The first 6 weeks of my program was CEE and Individual tuition, then I had IBC for also 6 weeks.

Both CEE and IBC were really nice because I could have relationship with a lot of people who have different jobs, ages and nationalities. It was so sitimulating for me that I could feel the cultural difference.

Not only these programs but also the trainers were excellent. I could have classes of a teacher, Ed Pegg, in IBC and Individual tuition. He supported our discussion effectivelly, so the atmospher of my class was really good and he gave us a lot of advice accurately. In addition, he also corrected my report to submit my company individually.

Also, my accommodation was really confortable, the host mother was kind and cookes well.

If I have further opportunity, I would like to come your school again.


Three weeks ago I attended the course "English for young engineers".

I am writing to you to compliment on the course.

I was pleased to have Francis as a teacher.

He has got a great experience, he is very passionate about his work and he knows how to create a pleasant and stimulating atmosphere for learning.

His knowledge of Spanish was a great help to me (as Italian ) to understand the main differences between English and a Latin language.

I haven't just improved my technical English , but I have also massively improved the pronunciation

and the knowledge of the English grammar.

Everything was perfect.


I would like to thank the school for having made the impossible possible in my case. I was in a hurry to prepare for my IELTS test so I could be admitted to King's College, London and because of their advice, their coordination and their care, I achieved my goal in a very short time. I highly recommend the one to one class methods. The classes were very clear and well structured and they really helped me to understand what is essential in this kind of test.

Good luck!


It was a difficult decision to come to London to learn English because I thought it was little bit late comparing to other Korean students who go abroad to learn English. I had expected it was not easy to live in London in a different environment and with different people. But after I stayed in LSE for 5 months, now I think it was a great choice.

I took Intensive General English courses, which have two different teachers of morning and afternoon classes, so I could learn many different expressions. It is a group class but teachers take care of individual students, point out each student’s errors so I could know what my weakness in English is. Another great opportunity in LSE is that you can meet a lot of friend from different countries around the world and people who work in different fields. I met some friends who work in a financial sector like me and we shared some information about our jobs. I think my English skill has been improved while I talked to friends. The other advantage of LSE is you can join various social programmes. They offer lots of social programmes like watching the musicals, pub tours and free guided tours to London’s attractions. Furthermore, you can also choose your courses for your purpose. I studied in IGE course for 4 months and then changed to CEE course to improve my English speaking skill. CEE course focuses on speaking skill so I could speak English with more confidence.

I enjoyed staying in London for 5 months due to LSE’s teachers and staff who are very friendly and always listening to students’ voices and opinions.


My week in London was wonderful. Better than I expected. The training was useful and pleasant with active participation. The family was lovely and gave me a warm welcome. Holland Park is a charming place where I enjoyed going every day. I'm really satisfied.


This school gave me after two weeks, more than eight years of learning English in my own country.


When I first arrived at The London School of English, I didn’t really know which course would be best for me. However Andy, the Courses Manager, advised me to do FCE after I spoke to him about my aims and needs. His advice was so valuable and so correct and in fact FCE was perfect for me as I could review all my grammar and fill in all the gaps in my knowledge. After that, I studied YBE for a few weeks and it was another great choice as I could expand my vocabulary a lot, get to know different people with different backgrounds and enjoy a completely different environment. Moreover, after all this time in London, I decided I wanted to study at a British University for a while, so I started doing the IELTS course, which prepared me very well for the IELTS exam and lead me to achieve the best score that I could. However I had to rush all the application documents for the university application, and once again the school staff helped me a lot. Rosie was amazing, she supported me filling in all the documents for the university in a week, a record time, and I was accepted for all that I applied for. I think I made a great decision going to London School of English, as to learn English you really need to spend time speaking English, and you can’t do that unless you take a full time course which this school offers, as well as having a friendly environment with welcoming people.


The trainers were very clear and efficient and very involved with us. Perfect!


If I didn't study at the LSE, I wouldn't have the opportunity to do the master degree at a university in the U.K. I met execellent teachers there who gave us intensive lessons and motivated us to study further. I also really appreciated all the encounters with excellent mature classmates who have diverse backgrounds from all over the world. I think that the LSE has vital elements such as teachers and an environment for students to improve their English, as well as to broaden their future.


I can recommend this course to everyone, no matter where they're from. I'm 100% sure they're going to enjoy studying at the London School of English. The Young Lawyers programme was very tough, but I attended this course to improve my legal English skills and this course really forced me to study. It was excellent, I'm not complaining! Thanks for everything to the family of the London School of English.


Thanks to the Young Lawyers course I’ve improved my Legal English and met fascinating people. I highly recommend LSE as you will experience an incredible adventure.


I am really thankful to you for the best three weeks I could have imagined! I would like to continue working on my writing and speaking skills.


It was wonderful. I have learned to use my English in my professional life. Thanks a lot to all of you..

Eleazar Arturo

L.S.E is simply the best option to study English Online. I took the Word Mine Legal English Course, and I must say that its design and methodoly kept my motivation high and therefore I had an excellent learning experience with great results.


I'm so glad that the iternent allows free info like this!


This site is like a classroom, ecexpt I don't hate it. lol


This is way more helpful than antyhing else I've looked at.

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