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What courses do you offer?

For a complete overview of our courses, please have a look at the Courses section on our website.

How do I know what course suits me best?

This depends on your study objective, would you like to improve your general or business English skills or are you in need of a particular certificate? Your age, language level and work/study experience will also be crucial in deciding what type of course you should be studying. 

Our Course Selector helps you determine what the best course for you might be. You can also complete the Online English level test.

How do I check if there is availability on a course?

If you want to check availability for a particular course the best thing for you to do is to send us an email at: [email protected] stating the course you are interested in, your age and current English level (for our online level test click here). We will get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.

Where can I find your dates and fees

You will find the dates and fees information for a particular course on the course information page on our website. For a complete overview of our courses, please have a look at the courses section on our website.

A course schedule is available to view and download too, to view please click here.

How do I enrol?

1.     Decide which course(s) you want to do. Please check:

  • that you will be available during the course dates. Please remember the restrictions on the starting dates of some of our courses. They are there to safeguard quality and are therefore in your own interest.
  • that you are suitable for the course. Check age, level of English, working background and language objectives.

2.     Register your details with us first by completing a registration form. You can do this in one of the following ways:

What is the minimum age for attending your courses?

It depends on the type of course what the minimum age for enrolling is:

 The minimum age requirement is also listed on each course page.

How do I find out my current English level?

Please fill in our Online English level test, this will give you an accurate idea of your current English level:

Please note that our online test is  by no means comprehensive and is only intended to give an indication of your level. If you decide to book a course with our school we will assess your English level by asking you to complete a more comprehensive pre-course questionnaire by email.

How do I get a copy of your brochures?

You can view and download our brochures from the 'Brochure and Prices' page on our website.

Will I get a certificate after finishing a course?

Yes, if you complete a course with our School you will receive a certificate. This will be a London School of English certificate and it is a proof that you have completed a course of study with us. This is applicable for courses studied at our centres as well as online courses.


What types of accommodation can you arrange for me?

Our clients have different demands and budgets. Years of experience have enabled us to put together different categories of accommodation to suit all preferences and budgets. Please have a look at the accommodation section on our website for an overview.

Can I stay in my accommodation for longer than the course?

No, we will only be able to arrange your accommodation while you're studying at our school.

How much will my accommodation cost?

This depends on the type of accommodation you prefer, please have a look at the accommodation section for prices. 

If I choose homestay as my accommodation, can I choose my host family?

No, we will place you as near to the school as possible whilst taking into account as many of your requirements as possible. We cannot guarantee matching your requirements but, if this is the case, we will offer the closest alternative.

How much contact will I have with my host family during my homestay?

Homestay combines quality, friendliness and very good value for money. It is suitable both for people who want a lot of contact with their host and also for those who prefer to be free and independent.


Do I need a visa and if so what kind?

To see if you need a visa, please visit our visa information section on the website, this will give you an overview of the UK visa system.

Can you help me get a visa?

If you decide to book a course with our school and you think you need a visa we will be happy to give you advice in how to acquire your visa. We will also send you a visa support letter. We have a very comprehensive visa help section on our website called Visa Information.

Can I extend my visa if I want to stay longer?

If you have a General Student Visa (GSV) you can renew it in the UK. As long as your attendance and progress has been satisfactory, we can give you all the documents you need if you are applying to renew your visa in order to continue to study with us.


How should I make payment?

For information on how to register and pay for your course, accommodation and other services, please visit the how to register and pay page.

Do I have to make full payment before the course starts?

Yes but it can be split as when you make a booking, you must pay:

  • A non-refundable registration fee of £50 (or £25 if you book online through our web site at www.londonschool.com)
  • A course deposit of £500
  • If you want accommodation, you must also pay: 
    • a non-refundable accommodation placement fee of £50
    • an accommodation deposit of £150 if you choose homestay accommodation 
  • the rest of your fees in full 30 days before the course starts

NOTE: You must pay your deposit within 5 days of making your booking, and the rest of your fees in full 30 days before the first course starts. If you are making a booking less than 30 days before the start of your course, you must pay full fees immediately. If you make any changes after your booking has been confirmed you will be charged £30.

For further information please see our terms and conditions.


How do I become an agent?

If you are interested in working as an agent for us, please contact our sales team.
You can find the Market Manager for your region by clicking here.

How do I request brochures?

If you wish to receive brochures by post, please note that the maximum order quantity for each brochure is 15. Please visit the contact us page. 
Alternatively, brochures can be downloaded from our brochure and prices page.


What should I bring with me to London?

Please visit our  'Arriving in the UK' page which lists information on a range of things such as:

  • Useful things to remember before coming to London.
  • Information on how to get to your accommodation from the London airport you arrive at.
  • Information on Eurostar and how to get from St Pancras Station to your accommodation.
Should I arrange insurance?

We strongly advise you to arrange insurance before you leave home. Please visit our Insurance page for further information. You can request insurance when you book your course through our on-line booking system and we will arrange it for you.

Can I have a Student Oyster Card?

Only if your full time course with us lasts for longer than 14 weeks.

Wheelchair access

Unfortunately our centre in our Holland Park Gardens is an old buildings which cannot easily be adapted to accommodate wheelchairs, and so there is no wheelchair access.