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Learn Technical English for your international career. For professionals aged 20-30

This 2-week Technical English course will develop your ability to use English effectively in your engineering career, for example, in Oil and Gas industry, Telecommunications and IT.

You will focus on clear communication for situations where you may be using technical language and need technical writing and speaking skills. This English course provides participants with the skills and technical vocabulary to discuss a broad range of technical issues with colleagues and clients.

The course is available for individual clients and corporate groups.
See a list of our corporate clients including Oil & Gas companies here.

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  • Course level:

Levels 4 - 8 on the school's level scale


  • Fees:

  • Dates:


(2 weeks)
15th - 26th August
3rd - 14th October

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  • Course length:

2 weeks
Fixed start dates

  • Participants age:

Age: 20 - 30

  • Group size:

Maximum 10

  • Hours per week:

24 hours per week (24 x 60 minutes)
09.30 - 16.00 Monday - Friday

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Who's it for?

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The Technical English course is for anyone working in Oil and Gas industry, Telecommunications, IT industries in the area of engineering, quality control, information technology, geology, production, product design or project management for up to two years.

Course content

The areas that you can expect to cover during a typical course

The Technical English course is designed to develop participants’ language and communication skills in a professional technical context in their industry, i.e. Oil & Gas. The course focuses on active speaking and technical writing skills and communication strategies.

Language areas include:

  • planning projects, project finance
  • health and safety
  • measurements, facts and figures
  • systems, tools and equipment
  • technical functions and applications
  • new technology and product design
  • quality control, quality and product audits
  • describing processes

The key language skills and communication strategies include:

  • technical writing skills
  • speaking English confidently
  • giving technical presentations & instructions
  • effective communication skills for international meetings
  • effective telephoning skills
  • hosting visits, socialising, meeting and greeting
  • making technical proposals, offers, suggestions
  • English for your career: being interviewed, CVs, letters of application

Areas for handling social situations and professional hospitality include:

  • meeting and greeting in English
  • dealing with enquiries and offering advice
  • arranging and cancelling appointments/social engagements
  • travel arrangements, bookings and reservations
  • giving and understanding directions
  • restaurants and pubs
  • small talk

The benefits

What you can expect to achieve from your course

The Technical English course benefits include:

  • speaking English more confidently
  • expanded technical vocabulary
  • effective technical English writing skills
  • improved technical English for meetings and presentations
  • feeling at ease speaking English on the phone
  • practice socialising with colleagues and partners in English

You will be able to express yourself with precision and clarity on technical matters, liaise with colleagues, manufacturers, subcontractors and clients, and discuss technical subjects with more confidence.

Included in the fees

What is included in the fees

Fees include training plus:

  • One external speaker per course
  • Daily 3-course lunch (Monday to Friday)
  • Access to LondonSchool Online learning portal
  • All course material and resources
  • Detailed end-of-course report
  • Networking reception every Monday


Read reviews & comments


Three weeks ago I attended the course "English for young engineers".
I am writing to you to compliment on the course.

I was pleased to have Francis as a teacher.
He has got a great experience, he is very passionate about his work and he knows how to create a pleasant and stimulating atmosphere for learning.
His knowledge of Spanish was a great help to me (as Italian ) to understand the main differences between English and a Latin language.

I haven't just improved my technical English , but I have also massively improved the pronunciation
and the knowledge of the English grammar.

Everything was perfect.

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